Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca is a visual research into the relationship between the physical and virtual space originated from human-computer interaction. The dynamic and vibrant generative artwork is an artistic translation and reflection of the NFT space and the metaverse. A new culture with fresh possibilities, a positive and extraordinary community and a distinctive language.

The result of our first exploration of the NFT space is this special mapped, linguistic anthropological project which reflects our time. This NFT art project consists of 2022 unique artworks created by combining various NFT community terminology in an organic way by making use of flow fields based on a random fractal noise pattern.

Latest minted artworks

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About us

Metamosa is an art and technology collective based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. We explore the exciting landscape of digital art, NFT and metaverse with full enthusiasm and commitment!

Metamosa is founded by Jonathan Wanders (artist), Luc van Soest (coder, Arto Kodo) and SunnyMaas (blockchain).

Join us to create a wonderful journey together 🚀


Lingua Franca are 2022 randomly generated artworks as non-fungible tokens (NFT) in ERC-721 standard. Lingua Franca is possible to mint and trade on the Ethereum blockchain.

Lingua Franca will be launched on Monday December 20, 2021 at CET 12.00 pm (UTC 11.00 am).

We recommend you to install Metamask wallet, fund it with ether and then click the "collect your wallet" button on our website to mint an original Lingua Franca NFT artwork. You can also purchase our NFT artwork at our official OpenSea collection after they've been successfully minted.

There are in total 2022 Lingua Franca NFTs which can be classified into 14 themes:
  • Classic Space (rarity 10%) 200 pcs
  • Meatspace (rarity 10%) 200 pcs
  • Retro Space (rarity 10%) 200 pcs
  • Social Space (rarity 10%) 200 pcs
  • Solar Space (rarity 10%) 200 pcs
  • Future Space (rarity 10%) 200 pcs
  • Metaspace (rarity 8%) 160 pcs
  • Dreamspace (rarity 8%) 160 pcs
  • StockXspace (rarity 8%) 160 pcs
  • Urban Space (rarity 5%) 100 pcs
  • Outer Space (rarity 5%) 100 pcs
  • Xtreme Space (rarity 5%) 100 pcs
  • Rainbow Space (rarity 1.5%) 32 pcs
  • Gold Space (rarity 0.5%) 10 pcs


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